AAA                                                llllllllllllll             TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTVVVVVVVV           VVVVVVVV
              A:::A                                               l:::::ll:::::l             T:::::::::::::::::::::V::::::V           V::::::V
             A:::::A                                              l:::::ll:::::l             T:::::::::::::::::::::V::::::V           V::::::V
            A:::::::A                                             l:::::ll:::::l             T:::::TT:::::::TT:::::V::::::V           V::::::V
           A:::::::::A         ppppp   ppppppppp     ooooooooooo   l::::l l::::l   ooooooooooTTTTTT  T:::::T  TTTTTTV:::::V           V:::::V 
          A:::::A:::::A        p::::ppp:::::::::p  oo:::::::::::oo l::::l l::::l oo:::::::::::oo     T:::::T         V:::::V         V:::::V  
         A:::::A A:::::A       p:::::::::::::::::po:::::::::::::::ol::::l l::::lo:::::::::::::::o    T:::::T          V:::::V       V:::::V   
        A:::::A   A:::::A      pp::::::ppppp::::::o:::::ooooo:::::ol::::l l::::lo:::::ooooo:::::o    T:::::T           V:::::V     V:::::V    
       A:::::A     A:::::A      p:::::p     p:::::o::::o     o::::ol::::l l::::lo::::o     o::::o    T:::::T            V:::::V   V:::::V     
      A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A     p:::::p     p:::::o::::o     o::::ol::::l l::::lo::::o     o::::o    T:::::T             V:::::V V:::::V      
     A:::::::::::::::::::::A    p:::::p     p:::::o::::o     o::::ol::::l l::::lo::::o     o::::o    T:::::T              V:::::V:::::V       
    A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A   p:::::p    p::::::o::::o     o::::ol::::l l::::lo::::o     o::::o    T:::::T               V:::::::::V        
   A:::::A             A:::::A  p:::::ppppp:::::::o:::::ooooo:::::l::::::l::::::o:::::ooooo:::::o  TT:::::::TT              V:::::::V         
  A:::::A               A:::::A p::::::::::::::::po:::::::::::::::l::::::l::::::o:::::::::::::::o  T:::::::::T               V:::::V          
 A:::::A                 A:::::Ap::::::::::::::pp  oo:::::::::::ool::::::l::::::loo:::::::::::oo   T:::::::::T                V:::V           
AAAAAAA                   AAAAAAp::::::pppppppp      ooooooooooo  lllllllllllllll  ooooooooooo     TTTTTTTTTTT                 VVV            

                                                     App Development To-Do List (04/11/12,018HE)
                                                       This list was compiled by @DesusDhrist

       Please note, this is just a list of what the community has requested. We have not reviewed all of the items and may not implement them.

01. Amoled black theme.
02. List view option instead of thumbnails.
03. Add overlay to thumbnails depending on whether you have it in favorites or have watched it. (Like TTV)
04. Display synopsis of episodes, Also add overlay to the episodes you have watched. (Like TTV)  
05. A 'favorite series' feature that sends you a push notification every time a new episode drops.
06. Left panel should be accessible at anytime in the app. (Not in the player)
07. History of movies and TV shows watched show be saved and accessible from left panel.
08. Clear or edit search history.
09. Pressing and holding down thumbnail or source brings menu where you can choose 'Play with' or 'Open with' and 'Add to favorites'.
10. Icon or something similar that will show the latency to each source.
11. A-Z scrollbar so you can scroll to any letter on long alphabetized lists.
12. Swipe navigation for Android. (Swipe left to go back, etc)
13. Quit confirmation so it doesn't close the app if you accidentally press the back button.
14. Autoplay queue for movies so you can select multiple movies to play one after another automatically.
15. A badge to show how many episodes of a show you have watched which also updates by it self. (Like 13 out of 48 episodes)

01. Option to set screen boundaries so it actually fits the screen when in full screen.
02. Option to Lock both the BACK and RECENT APPS keys. (Similar to the lock button in MX and VLC players)
03. Timing sync for subtitles.
04. Internal 'Choose subtitles' button for on the go subtitles change.
05. Internal 'Cast to' button to cast directly to Chrome-cast or a smart TV without having to use Google home.
06. Internal 'Next episode' button.
07. 'Next source' button so you don't have to manually try a different source if one doesn't work well.
08. Volume normalizer: automatically equalizes the volume so you don't have to turn it up or down depending on the condition.
09. Minimize player screen (Pip) so you can continue browsing Apollo while watching something.

01. Integration with Seriesguide.
02. Integration with IMDb.
03. Google voice/Alexa support so you can search for movies.
04. Importing backups from TTV.
05. Trakt functionality.
06. Real Debrid support.

01. Similar movies/shows to what your watching type section.
02. Click cast & crew to see what other movies they're in.
03. Air day/time/channel info (for TV shows) like a Calendar.
04. Rating shows and movies within the community, instead of stars we use socks.
05. 'Lifetime movies' Category.
06. 'Recently Updated' section in TV shows. *see DISCOVER & SEARCH point 3*
07. 'Watch list' that you can share with friends.
08. Custom filename formats. (for example "[season#].[episode#] - [episode title]" = "1.01 - Pilot")
Necessary components:
- source (so you can know which source each file came from and keep track of which sources worked the best)
- title
- season #
- episode #
- episode title
- release date/year
- quality/resolution
- file size
09: Playlists (possibly sharable)

01. No forced/auto updates. (or optional auto update)
02. HD Sources only option (1080p/4k only, etc) or filter out CAM Sources.
03. Option for multiple trakt accounts on a single device.
04. Data Saver.
05. Built in web server, so you can use a portable hotspot to stream movies to another device.
06. Option to report wrong links.
07. Playlists creation option.
08. Stereo/mono audio.
09. Clear cache/kill app on close.

01. Sort/filter by MMPA rating.
02. Sort by release date.
03. Option to Sort favorites by recently added and A-Z.

                                                                          /`-.     /`-./
                                                                         /`-./    /   /
                                                                        /   /    /  _/
                                                                       /  _/    /  / |
                                                                      /  / |  .'   \_/
                                                                    .'   \_/.'   .-'
                                                                  .'   .-' /_  .'
                                                                 /_  .'    \_\/